Christopher Sutton
Consultant G.I. Surgeon

Chris Sutton is a consultant upper gastrointestinal surgeon. He offers all the currently available surgical anti reflux procedures including revisional surgery. Chris performed the first two Endostim placements for reflux in the United Kingdom. Additionally he was one of the UKs first LINX implant surgeons and was mentored by John Lipham from the University of Southern California. He is one of the Inaugural members of the UK Reflux Interest Group and regularly teaches both locally and nationally on the subject. As well as surgery for reflux, Chris practices bariatric and gastro-oesophageal cancer surgery.

Simon Dexter
Senior Consultant G.I. Surgeon

Simon is a consultant in upper gastro-intestinal and minimally invasive surgery. He offers an honest opinion regarding your suitability for surgery, ensuring your safety and quality of life as the first priority. Simon also holds a university post at Leeds teaching Hospital Trust.